A Lost Continent of songs lost from the lost year of Covid-19; a portrait of the Lost Continent of MU.
Music Streaming
May 2021
Lost Continent Album
The album includes:

1. "Thirst Is Real"
Written: 2017
2. "Hustle Yr Butt"
Written: 2013
3. "Play It"
Written: 2013
4. "So Happy"
Written: 2013
5. "The Bomp Bomp Song"
Written: 2013
6. "Born to Love"
Written: 2013
7. "Monk Chant"
Written: 2013

Released: May 8,2021
Thirst Is Real
Back at my back door, you want more.
A dance-pop masterpiece.
Listen for its masterful harmonies. Rafraîchissant! Inspired by being ghosted and carbonated energy drinks.
Meditate on neediness.
Hustle Yr Butt
Work that shirt, work that skirt.
Straight from the streets of New York.
Listen for its mixed meters, whole-tone and chromatic harmonies.
Inspired by the real sounds of real life in the city.

Play It
Symphonic, soulful, funky. Listen for its counterpoint of textures and high drama. Inspired by Joan Didion's classic 1970 portrait of compulsive gambling.
So Happy
So epic!
Self-hypnosis symphonic dad rock.
Listen for its flawless interplay of hooks and orchestration. Inspired by the all-time Eurovision greats.

Meditate on contentment.
The Bomp Bomp Song
A masterful dialectical synthesis of modal and chromatic elements leading to a chrono-synclastic infundibulum.

Listen for its canonic development of tone-clusters and composed-out Shepard tones. Inspired by the novels of Kurt Vonnegut and half-remembered Saturday morning sci-fi cartoons.
Born To Love
I was born to love and die. Listen for its expressive hemiolas and polyrhythms. Inspired by Americana and world music. Meditate on amor fati.
Monk Chant
Directly from the Lost Continent of MU. A vision of rebirth attended by protective deities. A Monster of Math Rock.
Listen for its precisely synchronized interplay of rhythmically independent layers.

Inspired by to the life and work of the great Meredith Monk.
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